MCU-Coatings® for Mining application:

Our MCU-Coatings standard system exceeds 15.000 hours and up to 20.000 hours salt fog exposure. Together with the intrinsic chemical resistance of the binder and its pigments MCU-Coatings offers the solution for your corrosion problems. 

Extreme abrasive resistance combined with the cathodic protection by our zinc particles and high barrier effect, this MCU-Coatings system can be used for immersed and non-immersed mining, processing and infrastructures. Shut downs for repainting can be shortened by 30 - 40% when using MCU-Coatings compared with 2 pack Epoxy/PU systems. 

In addition to the protection, MCU-Coatings systems offers the easiest application available: 

* Can be applied at high humidity (up to 99% RH)
* No dew point restriction on visible dry surfaces (day and night application possible)
* Our Primer MCU-Miozinc tolerates over-coating old “good” coatings
* Our Primer MCU-Miozinc tolerates St 2 and St 3, UHP and abrasive prepared surfaces
* Application in cold weather down to minus -15°C and steel temperature up to 70°C 
* Superior impact and abrasion resistance
* Excellent long-life flexibility, resisting structural flex
* Excellent adhesion to various substrates 
* Can be over-coated within 30-40 minutes of application 
* Proves faster project completion time at lower implementation cost on any project that has to deal with climatic weather restrictions.